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Once the sun has dipped below the horizon, the night life choices of the Algarve begin to beckon.. Whether you are looking for mellow evenings or party nights the Algarve has something for you. The Portuguese are excellent hosts and the huge range of bars and clubs can satisfy all tastes. Choose from elegant cafés and jet set beach clubs, from family friendly bars to all-night clubs with renowned D.J.s. It's almost impossible not to have a good time! There are always lots of taxi cabs around so there is absolutely no need for drinking and driving.

While it might not be as "cool"; as Ibiza or the Balearics, it's certainly lively, Albufeira is where you will probably go if your idea of night life is to stay out until the early hours. It is probably best to ask around once you've arrived at your Algarve destination; people virtually fall over themselves to recommend their favourite night spots! Of the big clubs, the best of the bunch are Kadoc and Locomia near Albufeira. Also worth a visit is H20 near Quarteira. There are a host of smaller clubs that come and go; Keep your eyes open for posters and flyers. There are also major events with big-name DJs and other more impromptu happenings throughout summer although these events are usually publicised only in the last few days.

Within the Golden Triangle you will find Clube T in Quinta do Lago, and about a twenty minute drive away, you will find Nikki Beach, a members' beach club with a restaurant and nightclub attached.

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